The Inspiration Behind Dilys

“How to Wrap Five Eggs: Traditional Japanese Packaging” by Hideyuki Oka. photography by Michikazu Sakai.

Just a while ago, I revisited a personal favourite series of black and white photographs from How to Wrap Five Eggs, a book that documents traditional Japanese packaging, which—by the time it was first published in 1965—was already disappearing. Each item was carefully wrapped and presented in a modest way using natural materials such as bamboo and straw. I could only imagine if my groceries looked anything similar, having been treated with such respect, even the most ordinary item would become incredibly precious to me.

Inspired by the idea that our perception of everyday things can be changed with a simple effort, I began to explore common components in jewellery-making with the intent to present them in a different light. The exploration led to our latest style Dilys, created by stacking metal beads and transforming them into a pair of asymmetrical earrings that exudes femininity and sophistication.

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