As everything around us becomes more and more fast-paced, it has become increasingly challenging to slow down. I often find it difficult to allow myself the opportunity to take things slow. But when I finally do, I always realise how much I needed it. From time to time, we all need to disconnect to connect.
How do you slow down?

Maggie Rizer in US Vogue 1999, photographed by Carter Smith. Via simplicitycity.

Here are my personal recommendations.


“Make yourself a cup of tea.”

I highly recommend drinking from a tea cup or bowl with a shape that can be held comfortably with your palms, at the same time feeling the subtle warmth of your tea. This changed my tea-drinking experience. Also, Love Tea‘s peppermint tea is a new favourite.


“Reflect on Moonlists.”

This is a workbook with prompts, lists and questions that allows you to reflect on recent happenings, influences and thoughts. I was gifted a copy by my sister and it has been a helpful guide for me to be more mindful.

Inside the Moonlists workbook.


“Listen to ambient sounds.”

Whenever I feel overwhelmed, I turn on this 11 hours loop of Tibetan singing bowls in the background to relax my senses.


“Engage in a quiet solo activity.”

Immersing yourself in an uninterrupted session of quiet solo activity like writing, reading, sketching or meditating can be incredibly therapeutic. Also, try visiting a library or museum to freshen your mind and get inspired with new ideas.

In the midst of the rush, it is important that we choose to prioritise our well-being. By slowing down and living mindfully, we begin to discover—or rediscover—meaning in the mundaneness of our everyday.

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2 Replies on Slowing Down

  • Ling says:

    I enjoyed this journal entry! I like to slow down using Insight Timer to have my quiet time and do some guided meditation. Sometimes, I like to read or fall asleep to ambience sounds that I have created using the timer function on the app.

  • Jel (Common Muse) says:

    I just tried the app for the first time last night and now I am obsessed. Thank you for sharing with us, Ling!

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