Visiting Museo Nacional de Antropología in Mexico City, Mexico

El Paraguas, an iconic cascading water feature in the courtyard within the museum.

The National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City houses the most extensive collection of artefacts I have ever seen. Not only are these artefacts historically and culturally important, they are also so beautiful and intriguing. With so much to see, it is hardly a surprise that we visited the museum twice on this trip alone.

These are my first souvenirs from Mexico, purchased at the museum shop. On the left is a set of napkin rings by Ac Palma and on the right are woven leather bracelets.

The famous Aztec sun stone (or Piedra del Sol in Spanish). Different parts of the sun stone are represented on the current Mexican coins. When combined, they make up the whole sculpture.

Rope mural by Mathias Goeritz. Photographed by Luis Ugarte.

I found myself in awe again and again by the seemingly endless collection, from perfectly shaped ceramics to stones so skilfully carved. I could not help but wonder about the significance of these objects in the past. Whether it was an everyday object or used in ceremonial rites, what really stood out for me was that everything was created with respect for the material itself.

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  • Sen says:

    Everything came together so nicely in this post. Again, I enjoyed the read. Museums always tell so many stories about places and time. Love your choice of souvenirs.

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