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    In Real Life — Elska round choker



    Our Elska round choker was first launched in 2015, with silver being the only colour available.
    Four years later today, this style is now part of our permanent collection and released in gold for the first time ever.

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    In Real Life — Una Form Ring



    Our way of dressing is about a sense of ease and the freeing feeling of quiet confidence.

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    In Real Life — Una form ring

    Peach Moonstone — known for its ability to soothe feminine energy, it supports the heart as it stimulates the mind.



    I was gifted this beautiful peach moonstone the other day and fell in love with it. Thank you my love!
    Also, I am wearing Una form ring from our latest drop.

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    Resting on reclaimed grey oak board.

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    In Real Life — Alma stack rings


    You might have noticed… I have been wearing our Alma stack rings a lot lately.
    I love how unassuming they are, but at the same time it makes the perfect statement piece when stacked together. I feel that they truly represent what Common Muse is about, and that is understated luxury.


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    Constantin Brancusi


    There is no doubt that Constantin Brancusi has been an important source of inspiration for me ever since I first discovered his work.


    Le Poisson (1924)


    Tête d’enfant (Tête du Premier Pas) 1913


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    In Real Life — Lunis Dome Earrings

    My favourite paper crochet bucket hat


    …and Lunis dome earrings in gold.


    I always find myself strangely drawn to full shapes and rounded forms, like the hat and earrings above.
    Not just accessories, but that also applies to sculptures, tableware and other objects as well.


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    Our new pouch


    Perhaps it is because I studied graphic design, I really enjoy updating our packaging every once in a while.
    Say hi to our new unbleached cotton pouches! And this time, finally, with our logo printed.

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    Encens Magazine

    Encens N39 with small Freja hoop earring in silver


    Last weekend I popped by the bookstore and was pleasantly surprised to find Encens Magazine.
    I have been admiring their work on Instagram but never thought I would actually find a copy here.
    Imagine my excitement!


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    Pina Bausch





    Our muse, Pina Bausch.