The Allure of Encens

Published twice a year in Paris by Samuel Drira and Sybille Walter, ENCENS is a magazine that presents a fresh perspective on fashion through thoughtfully conceived and arfully executed editorials. Each issue features a tightly curated selection of designers such as rising talents Uma Wang and Hed Mayner, as well as legendary icons Giorgio Armani and Issey Miyake.

ENCENS gets it right with every issue because its focus is never on trends. In fact, you will notice in its captivating visuals that vintage pieces are often included in the styling. By using pieces from past to present, ENCENS demonstrates a poetic sensibility towards dressing through forms, textures and colours unlike any other.

The allure of ENCENS is in the way it takes you back and forth in time seamlessly, drawing you in with a mysterious air of sophistication. A considered magazine, especially one that understands the very essence of timeless aesthetics like ENCENS does, is truly a rare find.

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