WOOCS 2.1.1
  • IRL: Anais ball ring

    My kind of jewellery is understated and versatile, the type that does not scream for attention,
    and is something that you can wear with everyday clothing.

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  • Muse: Jessica Deanna

    Jessica Deanna for Common Muse,
    featuring Nelle ball necklace and Elska round choker.

    Jessica’s Instagram

  • Collection Notes: Lou ball bracelet

    The curation of our second collection started with Lou ball bracelet and necklace. With its matte gold shine, the Lou style inspired the collection made up of spherical and circular elements.

  • Collection II Moodboard

    Moodboarding for our second collection.
    I’m thinking and feeling wood, neutrals, earthy tones, sand, nature, linen, woven textures,
    ceramics, rocks, comfort, light, calmness, and quiet.

  • IRL: Elska choker and bangle

    Timeless and quietly elegant, the Elska round choker and bangle are styles you can wear over and over again. I especially love wearing the choker with high neck tops, like this pleated blouse. As for the bangle, it’s something you can wear everyday like it’s part of your uniform. Not sure if you can tell, but I’m very much obsessed with both!

  • Muse: Julie Vester

    Minimal styling is always ideal, and one is certainly enough.
    Seen in this beautiful capture is Julie Vester wearing the Lyre hook-on bangle.

    Julie’s Instagram

  • Odette hoop earring outtake

    An outtake of Odette hoop earring from the first collection shoot.

  • concretebg

    By Our Muse


    Natalie Liao demonstrates easy accessorizing with our Elska round bangle and
    silver band rings. Just the basics, nothing fussy.

  • IRL: Odette hoop ring

    Wore my gold choker and Odette hoop ring with a shirt I bought a couple years back but have never worn. I actually like the fit of it now even though I used to find it too oversized. Discovering old possessions always brings unexpected surprises.